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Follow your dream. Find a new passion. Save money by starting your story at DMACC. DMACC can help you reach your goal of a 4-year Liberal Arts & Sciences degree, wherever it takes you. Undecided? Unsure where to begin? We can help!

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Take a study break with friends over coffee. Shop the bookstore. Listen to a visiting inspirational speaker or industry leader. Enjoy a game of pick-up basketball. DMACC offers the education – plus all the little things – that make your college years a time unlike any other.

You can also choose the housing situation that suits your needs, including on-campus living, depending on your location.

At DMACC, you can get genuine college experience without amassing large amounts of student debt. Put more money back toward living the life you love, while you learn.

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Everyone's story is unique. There are hundreds of opportunities available through DMACC's Liberal Arts & Sciences program. What motivates you? What's your lifelong goal? Not sure how to get there? Talk to a DMACC representative to start your next chapter!